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This is such a timely discussion, because I remarked to my husband over Christmas how fortunate/spoiled/ungrateful/presumptious we had made our children (okay so I was having a bad day but still).

Our children (nearly 6,4, 18 months) want for nothing, and even though I am so very aware that I do often say no, they still have everything they could possibly need, and more. I try to explain to them how fortunate they are, but they really don't grasp it, and on my list of research/reading for the next few months is looking at how we can start to move away from this situation we have created, to continue to teach our children the value of time, money and experiences. We, like all parents, are learning as we go and I'm quite shocked for someone who is very aware of how I don't want my children to be, this "situation" has crept in without me noticing until now.

Thank you for another great post Linda.

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