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Linda Jones, Editor

Hi Rosie, but what's wrong with happy, confident, content, healthy and average? All children are special, why do kids need to hear they are "more" special every day or that a given talent/intelligence is any greater than anyone else's if it's not? I encourage my children all I can but also teach them you have to be realistic. I tell them if they work hard at school and do their best they can choose what they do in later life. I tell them they are beautifull and I tell them I love them very much, I want them to feel safe, secured and loved. But I don't want them to ride roughshod over other people's feelings because they think they have some God given right to do that, with praise has to come an understanding that life isn't always all roses and responsibility, I think. Like you say there is a fine line and sometimes one side of that line is a deluded pushy parent who puts their child in front of someone who crushes their dreams in a blink of an eye. I think we should encourage children all we can but still try somehow to be aware of the "fine line" you mention. x

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