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I do try and make my children (nine year old triplets) realise the value of things and I think this has rubbed off and come Christmas they don't compare with what they're friends have got. In fact now they're saving up for large items they want so that's good news. However, over Christmas I noticed that my kids really don't know how to entertain themselves anymore and unless they're watching tv/playing computers they "expect" to be entertained in some form or other - wanting to go out to eat, to indoor playcentres, etc. and being at home is boring. I feel this is my fault as since they were babies I've taken them to so many classes and clubs that, in all honesty, they've never really had much time to spare. I've decided now to cut back on some of the clubs and spend more time at home with them or encouraging them to play and read. Hate to say that I've also caught myself telling them how I used to play for hours with ants in the garden!!

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