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In answer to the article question, no. I see children who are politically active, argumentative, and community-minded. In the world I inhabit, I see people aware that we rely on communities for goodwill: we take our education at the heart of this society and we couldn't do it without support from neighbours.

Selfish children in the wider society? Here are three areas I think give rise to self-absorbed children with narrow outlooks: 1) Sexualisation of pre-teens which focuses a child's mind on body image 2) Pressure to conform to brands which focuses a child's mind on constructing a particular consumer identity 3) Narrow curriculums, preventing real-world skills, which focuses a child's mind on some areas of study to the exclusion and detriment of others. Each of those areas has an impact in lack of understanding and acceptance of other people. And Hurrah to the parents and kids who carry on finding ways to resist those pressures!

Now, anyone want a 50,000 word essay?!

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