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Honestly, we can't do much about it. It's all about what they see on tv. For example, all of these teen 'pop' stars dressing up with skimpy clothing even when most of their audience is quite young, encourages kids to want to be grown up like them and live like them. A lot of these 'singers' often give terrible impressions and ideas etc.
Another point is that when I was in New Look the other day, I was shocked and disgusted at some of the clothes in the childrens section. I mean short shorts for a seven year old? And the mini skirts that all the older kids wear for children aged 7? Again, makes these kids want more of these things when a lot of their friends' parents cave in at this point and buying them these clothes that are defiantly too old for them.

My two points were generally just about kids begging for inappropriate clothes ALL the time but if they keep on getting then they generally become less grateful, which makes an impact on behavior and such things. I blame it on what they see on television!

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