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Oh dear, guilty of all of the above! My daughter has a 'mini moo', this must make mine the fully grown 'moo'...why....l have no idea?? And my son has a 'tinky winky' or my husband uses the more manly term ' wee willy', l have explained to my daughter who is now 7 the correct names but she still refers to her Vagina as her 'mini moo', and finds it hilarious because her friend call hers her 'Birdy'. My sister who is now 41 still can't bring herself to say vagina so she has a 'fou fou' and manages to say this with a straight face when discussing her problems with her Doctor. My daughter is mortified to think that one day soon she too will grow hair and her brother who is nearly 3 just thinks it's all 'yuck'!

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