Super stylish autumn crafts for kids

Try these cool customised stationery ideas to impress your children's school friends.

Super stylish autumn crafts for kids

My girls headed back to school in style with some customised pencils and notebooks. This is a super simple craft to put together which means the kids can go for it and create as many designs as they like.

We tried out some water colour resistant designs, but you could paint, draw, write slogans or use a poster of your favourite sports team or celebrity. And as they’re inexpensive to create you could make a set for each of your best friends, as a 'welcome back to school gift', or even one for your new teacher.

Try making water-resistent designs

If you’d like to try out the technique we used you’ll need some wax crayons and some water based paint. We used some tubes of water colour paint, but watered down poster paint works just as well.

Start by drawing out your design with wax crayons on a piece of paper or card. We used a piece of card to customise our notebook and paper for the pencils. Try hearts, geometric patterns or write a message. Once this is done all you need to do is brush your paint over the top of the whole paper. The paint doesn’t take where the wax crayon is, creating your resist picture.

Once your paintings are dry you can use them to style your stationery.

Customise your school supplies

Transform a plain notebook by cutting out a piece from your painted card (or poster, or comic or whatever you’d like to have on your notebook) and gluing it on the front of your notepad – easy peasy. Next, stretch a few colourful elastic bands over the new cover and you have a handy place to store pencils, stickers and other important supplies.

To customise your pencils, first cut out a piece from your paper, big enough to fit all the way round your pencil. Use a small paintbrush to cover the pencil in a very thin layer of clear-drying glue and wrap the paper around. Brush an extra layer of clear glue over the outside to keep your design in place and then leave to dry. You can poke the end of the pencil in a blob of playdough or Blu-Tack to keep it upright while it dries. (My daughter cheated a bit here and used sticky tape instead, which doesn’t give as fine a finish but is better suited to kids who can’t bear waiting for glue to dry.)

More ideas from around the web

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  • Small_blank


    Ready for Ten admin

    14 September, 2011

    What fantastic ideas Cathy! We love doing arts and crafts in our house and are always on the lookout for new ideas. My kids are just getting into using printables as well so the lunchbox notes will be a big hit.

    Ready for Ten Team

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