Best of the web: throwing a top birthday party

These days jelly and ice cream just don’t seem to cut it, so we’ve collected links from across the parenting web to help you throw a tip-top party to please your mini divas.

Best of the web: throwing a top birthday party

This best of the web is all about birthday parties. We have collected links with tips, advice and ideas on party bags, cakes, themes and much more. If you have your own guide on throwing the perfect birthday bash then we would love for you to share your ideas or blog post link in the comments. 

Which kids make the guest list?

One of the biggest questions parents face is which kids will get invited to the party? If the pressure of inviting the entire class pops up year after year, Parentdish can help – take a look at Heidi’s post on selective invitations.
Some parents invite kids to choose between a longer guest list and fancier party treats – this can help keep costs down. We’re not sure the size of her guest list, but we love Greenmum’s homemade princess castle cake (and we’re sure most kids would, too).

Traditional at-home parties vs. renting a play space

Nurture Store has the secret to a successful, traditional birthday party, from the best themes to the yummiest cakes.
A Modern Mother didn't have such great luck when she decided to rent out a local space for a birthday – when the staff didn’t turn up she had to improvise the whole party! Have you ever had a party disaster? Please share your war stories and any blog links in the comments.

Getting the right gifts

 If the idea of buying the wrong birthday present makes you nervous then you’ll have a laugh at Laura AWNTYM’s post. She writes about her cheeky son who ended up getting two birthday presents early when she wasn't looking and how she dealt with his disappointment with getting a lunch bag as a gift. 
Not sure where to begin? You might find this Ezine Article for five steps to finding the perfect present useful.

Make it unique with homemade cakes and party bags

Babyccino sets the standard with these gorgeous homemade party bags. Make the experience truly unique by handing out these at your next birthday party.
It may take a few tries but creating a custom made cake could make your tyke the envy of the playground. Check out the Mr. Tumble cake The Babbling Mummy made upon her son's request – we're very impressed! 

Parent blogs: the dos and don'ts of kids' parties

If you're worried about setting the party rules then we think Hot Cross Mum is the mum to go to for the 10 best tips on what *not* to do at a party (for throwing one and attending one). 

Four Down Mum to Go draws from her own childhood experiences to capture the spirit of celebration. By remembering what she loved about parties when she was little, she's able to be sure the parties she throws for her sons are fun for them and their friends.
Have we missed anyone? All links are welcome in the comments.


  • Frugalfamily
    c bailey

    04 November, 2010

    We've just had a briliant birthday party for my daughter. It was a very pink and girly pamper party - http://www.frugalfamily.co.uk/2010/09/the-secret-to-a-successful-birthday-party.html

    Every loved it and we've started a bit of a craze ;-)

  • Small_blank

    04 November, 2010

    If anyone is interested I purposefully didn't plan a party and did the Wacky Warehouse thing instead, my experiences are blogged about here. Feel free to drop by, visitor always welcome. Virtual tea and biscuits supplied on demand! ;O)

    Halloween Parties & Rampant Child Zombies blog update. http://bit.ly/bZomSa Read it if you dare!

  • Small_blank

    04 November, 2010

    I purposefully didn't plan a party and did the Wacky Warehouse stylee thing instead, this is my blog about it if anyone would like a look? Virtual tea and biscuits supplied on demand at the 'Brink Of Bedlam' blog - please do drop by!

    Halloween Parties & Rampant Child Zombies blog update. http://bit.ly/bZomSa Read it if you dare!

  • Small_blank


    Ready for Ten admin

    05 November, 2010

    Mrs Frugal you are a genius!! I love your party idea, and it sounds like it was a huge success! My daughter is a proper princess and would love to have a party like that, so I am officially stealing your idea for next May.

    This year we hired a place, had bouncy castle, invited the whole class (yes I did say the whole class) but it was her reception year and we didn't know who her friends were. She has clearly signed the official secrets act as she tells me nothing about school :-)

    It didn't cost an obscene amount, but next year we've definately decided to scale it down to 10 or fewer at home as it was very stressful for us to plan and manage on the day. Next year we're going down the "low stress" route.

    Ready for Ten Team

  • Avatar_charlotte

    10 November, 2010

    I have never had a full-on party disaster, however, we have had a few destructive party guests over the years. I don't hesitate to warn a child that if he cannot get along, follow instructions, get stuck in and have fun, I will have to phone his parents to come get him. It nearly always works. Thankfully, I have only actually had to make good on that promise once.

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