Best of the web: Twins, triplets and more

By the time your children are aged six to nine, the days of the "you've got your hands full" comments may be long gone, but there are still plenty of unique challenges for multiple birth parents.

Best of the web: Twins, triplets and more

If you've got twins, triplets or more aged six to nine, then you'll already know how you get twice, three times or more the fun. You'll have survived those first years that pass by in a whirl and be facing up to questions arising at school, or perhaps changing family dynamics.

This is a follow up post to Sophie's round up of resources for anyone tackling the sometimes tricky relationships between brothers and sisters.

Support networks

Anyone seeking guidance on the unique challenges having multiple birth children of this age can bring can join Tamba, the Twins and Multiple Births Association, which has a brilliant online forum as well as a network of experts who can help with issues arising such as sibling rivalry or concerns about confidence or self esteem. Another wonderful resource is the website which has hugely popular support boards and lots of articles written by parents for parents.

Ready for Ten contributor Ursula Hirschkorn has a brilliant blog, Four down mum to go, which reflects on the reality of how younger twins can fit in with the rest of the family. On the NHS Choices website, as well as features about babies and toddlers, you can also find useful and brilliantly researched information about multiple myths and twins in school.

Double the fun for bloggers

The British Mummy Bloggers group also has a section for parents of multiple birth children. And while many of its members have younger children, there's plenty of mutual understanding and empathy on offer, whatever your children's age.

Heather at Young and Younger carried a multiple births carnival which made for interesting reading and fellow blogger Marianne Woolley is set to welcome guest posters at the third Multiples Mayhem carnival on October 25.

Emily at More than Just a Mother recently posted about the age old thorny question of assumptions people make about twins.

More blogging twin mums with a sense of fun and thought-provoking posts are Michelle, Everyday Stranger, Plan B and Rebecca.

Mum of triplets and home educator Grit has a fantastic blog, packed full of inspiration for creativity and individuality.

There are oodles more blogging mums and dads, please do add your favourites in the comments. Here's a massive list from 2008.

Important topics

Here on Ready for Ten, Joanne Mallon included the etiquette surrounding parties for twins, triplets and more in a post and I expanded on this, having spoken to mums.

My blog You've got your hands full was started four years ago, when my daughters were seven as I wanted to share articles specifically aimed at multiple birth parents who may miss out on information in more mainstream parenting publications. Twins online also has lots of information about twins in education.

If you're interested in more in-depth research about multiple birth children and how they can get on at school then the website has a wealth of information, largely as a result of the work of Pat Preedy, a former headteacher.  

The days when there seemed to be little information out there for multiple birth parents now seem a distant memory -- up to a point. Which resources would you add?

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